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XENOMED is established in 2005. Engaged in the field of Hospital Disposable, Medical Equipment service Execute with Government, Semi Government Organizations, Health Centers, and Private Sectors in Bangladesh. XENOMED help by providing our clients, used electro-medical equipment collected from Japan, at cheaper rates without compromising features as well as quality. We believe that our effort is related to contribute to improving the standard of healthcare in the world and it helps preserve the earth’s environment as well.and the clinics around the world who; with their limited budgets; wish to provide quality care to their patients We grew up fast in a short period of time and have emerged as one of the major supplier of quality pre-owned medical equipment. We have our head office and principal warehouses in Japan, Chaina, UK, USA . We have established our Distribution offices in India and Malyshia to serve our local clients. We ensure complete satisfaction to our clients with a wide range of products from major manufactures of Ultrasounds, Probes, Scopes, Endoscopy system, ECG, Hospital beds, Stretchers, Portable ultrasound, electro surgical and dental units collected within Japan. We appreciate this role as a bridge with people in

Mission & Vision:

We assure our clients a complete contact point that will provide a pleasant and efficient equipment procurement process. We do assure a value to our clients by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget. We appreciate this role as a bridge with people in medical industry aBmong Patient , Doctors and Technology digitalization.

Our Philosophy:

‘The future has tradition – and tradition has a future’ This is the motto of the family company’s management and means something to each and every XENOMED staff member. It stands for the characteristics that are at the root of the company’s success: visionary ideas that are grounded by traditional, precise workmanship and are integrated into a concept of sustainable entrepreneurship. With this recipe for success, the company confidently faces future challenges. Long-term, sustainable development is always our primary concern. Our family-run company plans in terms of generations rather than quarters. It only makes sense that employees play a key role in these plans. Any company’s success is the result of its people, who contribute their strengths and thereby advance ideas. Consequently, our company strives to create long-term relationships with our employees, support them through advanced training, and thereby pool experience. Many years and often decades of company service is the rule at XENOMED and ensures reliability and stability for the company and employees alike. Pillars of Endoscopy Today’s high tech endoscopy systems consist of components from a wide range of fields: optics, mechanics, and electronics. The employed software must also be perfectly coordinated for the system to work as intended. As simple as the call for the smooth interplay of individual components may sound, its implementation is complicated. Even provided the most meticulous development work, the quality of the final product is determined by the everyday manufacturing process. The perfect instrument requires a perfect interplay of all components. Our company meets this high quality standard by developing, manufacturing, and continuously testing all employed components within our own production network. Our production sites are located exclusively in technologically advanced countries. That is the only way to guarantee maximum functionality and quality for each individual product.

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Sahera Tropical Centre, (8th Floor),Suite #1/A, 218 New Elephant Rd,Dhaka 1025



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